We are a husband & wife team and were the very first wedding here after meeting on match dot com! Our wedding greatly inspired us to help others have a unique place for their wedding. Our private estate wedding venue is located on our personal property of 110 acres in Ashville, Alabama! Its lush land created by God that is beautiful with a lake, huge oak trees, a chunky beam pavilion, a gazebo jetting out onto the water, a heated and cooled restroom building called our “tin cottage” with an awesome deck. Also in our tin cottage is a bridal party “holding room”. (That's where we hide our bride before she comes out to walk down the aisle)


Where do brides get ready?

In a separate house away from the venue but on the property! It was recently remodeled on the inside to be all white with dark brown stained real wood floors and the style is more “farmhouse” on the inside. 


We also live onsite and invest lots of time in our land and the planning of each wedding as we want the day to be full of joy, no stress and for everybody involved to not be caught up in the many details of a wedding.  We take care of all the day of details!


All our weddings are where NO moms, family and / or friends have to setup seating or the decor, etc. We have seen both sides of weddings and believe us and others who have experienced stressful weddings......there is a big difference!


As experienced day of wedding planners, we sit down to plan the day of wedding details and all that is involved down to table decor styling, ceremony site styling, day of timelines, vendor selections, we include TONS of items from our approx 3500 individual decor items stock! As planners, all the weddings here at our private estate wedding venue are overseen and coordinated by us along with us handling the directing of the wedding!


FRIDAY AND SATURDAY weddings get fireworks included for free!  Very few venues are experienced at this or even allow them. We have shot over 4000 fireworks mortars and know how to help capture epic shots like you see on our  website and on Facebook and Instagram.


Our weekday weddings (Mon thru Thursdays) and our special date Friday and Sundays weddings in the Spring & Fall only are packaged as inclusive weddings!


They are bundled with lots included:

Professional photography,

floral bouquet(s),

a wedding cake,

dessert shooters,

beverage service,

custom styled table decor,

ceremony decor / props,

planning meetings including a cake tasting! Yum!, ceremony organization, music planning, Friday special date packages get the fireworks!

We professionally coordinate the wedding day and will properly direct the wedding, etc. When it comes down what venues do for a wedding day, all this included is huge!


These special date wedding packages are super easy, affordable from $4,800 to $7,800 depending on the day, size of wedding party included, number of guests included, etc. (small additional tax and refundable damage / contract security retainer is extra).  Saturday weddings are all custom planned, depending on the wants and desires of each bride, but we see an average custom wedding day budget range from $9,600 to around $14,000.

*********REMEMBER, these are not your typical “rental” packages where you get a venue. These have pretty much all the foundations needed for a wedding to take place. All you do is bring your officiant and show up!!*********


If you are engaged and are looking for something different than a DIY wedding where the stress level can be different, shoot us a message or call us and lets talk weddings!



Jeffrey & Sheila Caddell - Owners and  Certified Wedding Planners

 Jeffrey & Sheila Caddell

After having their wedding on the property in 2010, Sheila and Jeff decided they wanted to share this beautiful location with other brides for their weddings.