Wedding Venue Owner Consulting

We have a passion for helping fellow venue owners flourish in their endeavors.  The wedding industry is flooded with many new venues and along with that, the number of venues failing or closing is increasing. Developing and operating a venue is not for the faint of heart.  It requires lots of hard work, dedication, a sound business plan and the ability to effectively execute weddings.  Standing out in an overcrowded venue market is very challenging in these times... and that's where we can help. 


Our business model is not like 90% of traditional rental wedding venues.  It is actually the opposite of how most truly operate.  We know this first hand because that is how we operated our first 2 years in business.  We were the typical DIY venue where we provided chairs, tables, space and time and clients provided all décor, vendors and were responsible for the execution of the wedding and reception.... cue the stress and issues which included also vendor failures.

We saw consistent issues and knew things had to change to attract the type of bride that would make our venue and us successful.  We have come a long way as venue owners and now Certified Wedding Planners*.  This change is why we have amazing reviews, especially on video, of our brides consistently saying their wedding day was well planned and executed by us with no stress

on their part.  

A novel could be written with all of the things we have seen and experienced, good and bad.  We have extensive involvement in the wedding industry nationwide, and Jeffrey is a moderator on a private and very proactive venue owners page on Facebook where many issues are discussed among 950+owners and managers.

Here are some of the areas where we can help:

  • Branding

            Not being just another venue available in an oversaturated market​

  • Marketing and Advertising

             What works and doesn't work when it comes to the effective use of your dollars to attract your market.

  • On Site Development

              Whether you are an existing  venue or developing a venue, don't be an owner who later says, "If I had only known better"

              Facilities and the needs associated with accommodating guests on your property


  • ​Contracting

               Must Haves and Language to avoid

  • Social Media Presentation/ Posting/ Management

               Unique methods to advertise and target your market

               How to keep your current brides interested and motivated

               Messaging and reply management​

               Critique posts ​before posting

  • Staffing 

             Finding and retaining the right people

             Interviewing and evaluating potential candidates​     

  • Ownership                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Venue ownership can be draining and overwhelming emotionally.  We all need to not feel alone as owners.  Various aspects          of ownership involve dealing with and managing issue that arise... whether it be at a wedding or on social media.  Knowing            better how to respond and manage these issues will help you manage your sanity :)

  • Vetting and Finding your Ideal bride

  • Personalized visits versus "tours"     


  • Consulting on Décor- Buying and Stocking

  • Vetting and partnering with the right Vendors

Our services include phone consultations, virtual meetings, retainer services and on site visits/training. 

Its a minimal investment with large long term gains.






Jeffrey and Sheila Caddell

Certified Wedding Planners and Venue Owners

* We highly recommend being trained and certified through The Bridal Society, which is the worlds largest membership of certified wedding planners.

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